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Custom Travel Planning

Planning a trip for a romantic weekend for two, a golf trip with the guys, a girl’s weekend, a family vacation or a corporate retreat can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. Where to go, how to get there, where to stay, where to eat, what to do and what it will cost are just some of the questions that need to be answered.


Let’s face it, when you are going away for a short period of time, you can’t afford to make a mistake on where you stay, where you eat and what you do. Unfortunately, too many individuals and corporate planners substitute web research for actual experience and that can spell disaster. It is not unusual for a property to be misrepresented on the web.


BestWeekends has traveled the country visiting properties for our site. Our philosophy is simple: anyone can find a chain hotel in any destination, you don’t need us for that. But, if you are looking for truly unique experiences, no one knows them better than we do. With nearly 200 destinations and growing, we can send you to a chic hotel in a major city, a luxury cabin in Montana, a breathtaking cottage on the water or an extraordinary golf experience. We have stayed in every lodging recommendation, eaten in every restaurant we feature and experienced the activities we suggest.


  • We will only plan trips to destinations and properties we have experienced first hand
  • Our niche is small groups from two to twenty people
  • We will provide on-site coordination upon request and will only charge for travel and lodging expenses, not our time
  • Our goal is not just to plan your trip, but to plan an experience that will linger in your memory long after the trip is over.
  • We do not collect any fees from the places we recommend, our fee is paid by you and we tell you what that is up front.


  1. We ask you to complete a short questionnaire that will help us to determine what you are looking for and what kinds of things are important to you.
  2. We discuss a budget with you and determine what you are comfortable spending. For example, a couple might say that they are comfortable spending $1,000 for a weekend, but would go as high as $1,500 for something spectacular. A corporate group may say the budget is $20,000, but would love to find a great trip for $15,000.
  3. We present you with a minimum of three options with preliminary costs, amenities and the positives and negatives of each option. For example, we help you weigh the value of an easy to reach property with one golf course, vs. a harder to reach resort with five golf courses.
  4. Once you have selected two choices, we begin the process of negotiating costs and amenities, present you with the final plan and initiate the booking process.
  5. Upon completion of all reservations, you will be presented with confirmation numbers and all contacts at hotels, restaurants and activities.


  • We require a $50 per person deposit to begin work. The deposit will be applied to the total fee if we proceed to booking, if not, it is non-refundable.
  • Our fee depends on the time we spend, the number of changes made to the itinerary and the complexities of the trip. A general benchmark, however, is 8% of the cost of the trip, with a minimum of $100.


Jim Flynn