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New Hope, PA/Lambertville, NJ Weekend Vacation Getaway

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Special Things

This BestWeekends Exclusive uncovers special things to see, do and experience that you won’t find in any guide book. Often they are only known to locals or people who have visited many times. These are things that will truly make your weekend special, things that will make you say, “remember when we…” long after the trip is over.
Click picture to enlargeNew Hope, PA/Lambertville, NJNew Hope, PA/Lambertville, NJ

Up. Up and Away

There’s something particularly romantic about a dawn or sunset hot air balloon ride over the rural countryside. Alexandria Balloon Flights is the most experienced in the area. Rides last about an hour and conclude with champagne and hors d’oeuvres on the terrace. A little expensive at $165 per person, but worth it for a special treat.

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Picnic By the Canal

Pack a picnic lunch from Center Gourmet, pick up a bottle of wine from Phillips and head out to the canal for an intimate picnic for two. My favorite spot is just outside of town (New Hope) heading north on River Road. At the first sharp bend to the left, turn right, park and make your way to the towpath. Find a spot under a big tree and enjoy your lunch.

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