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New Hope, PA/Lambertville, NJ
Weekend Vacation Getaway

Destination Overview

New Hope and Lambertville sit on opposite sides of the Delaware River in the western part of New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania and have very different personalities. New Hope is funky, eccentric and edgy. Lambertville is more sophisticated, conservative and quiet. Walk down the street in New Hope and you’ll see hippies, bikers, gays and baby boomers all coexisting in seeming harmony. In Lambertville you will be more likely to encounter New York interior designers searching for antique treasures. Together they offer a wonderful weekend getaway opportunity.

Click picture to enlargeMain Street, New HopeMarcella NordBeside the Canal

The area is idyllic with winding country lanes, stone farmhouses, historic inns, the vast Delaware River and the very unique canal system. In the 1830’s canals were dug on both sides of the Delaware River (whose currents were too strong for boat transportation) to transport coal from Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey to Trenton. Mules on the banks of the canals (towpaths) pulled the canal boats along the canal to its destination. Today, the towpaths are used for walking, biking and horseback riding and mule pulled canal boat rides are available for tourists.

New Hope is a charming collection of off-beat shops, restaurants, B&B’s and historical sites. Across the river, Lambertville is the antique capital of the east, the place where many out-of-town interior designers come in search of 18th and 19th century American and English antiques. There are over 20 antique galleries in Lambertville alone. The town also boasts 15 art galleries featuring the works of local and international artists.

This area is perfect when you want to get away but are looking for a more relaxed weekend. This is a place where you won’t feel the pressure to cram a lot of activity into a few days. The pace is slower, more leisurely. It is the perfect destination to just get away and recharge the batteries and come home refreshed.

See my Photo Scrapbook.

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Click picture to enlargeThe Landing - InsideThe Landing - OutsideSteam Train

Making Your Travel Plans

To make your travel plans you can go to our Weekend Planner for all the contact information.

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Getting There

New Hope, Pennsylvania and Lambertville, New Jersey (right across the river) are a 1 1/2 hour drive from New York City, and an hour from Philadelphia. Closest airport is Philadelphia International, also about an hour away.

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When To Go

As would be expected there are more things to do in the warmer months; picnics, rafting, golf, boating and so forth. But with the exception of some water sports, most other activities like museums, galleries, walking and shopping are available year-round. Cocktails and dinner on patios give way to cozy fireplaces during the cooler months. Fall foliage is particularly beautiful and snow covered trees by rushing brooks in bright sunshine is quite spectacular.

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Getting Around

You will need a car to get to New Hope/Lambertville and as many of the attractions and restaurants we recommend are spread out, you will need one while you are there.

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There’s no longer any need to roll the dice on where you stay or to settle and stay at a “safe” national chain. BestWeekends Travel Advance Team takes the worry out of where to stay when you go away.

The BestWeekends Travel Advance Team does all the work for you. We research each destination by scouring the guidebooks, articles, blogs, reviews and rating systems. Then we visit the destination and stay in the properties. Finally, we talk to the locals to be sure we didn’t miss anything. The result: we post on our site only the best of what we experienced. You can book with confidence knowing that “we’ve been there” and that no one pays us for a review. Inside see our Featured Properties.

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Things To Do

Apart from the antique stores and art galleries in Lambertville and the canal towpaths for walking/running/biking mentioned above, there is a wonderful new golf course, ranked one of the Top 30 new public facilities by Golf magazine, boating on the Delaware, horseback riding on the towpaths, fly fishing for bass, museums, wineries, a wildflower preserve, theatre and wonderful shopping. There’s no shortage of weekend activities in the New Hope/Lambertville area. here's the full list of Things To Do.

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BestWeekend' s Exclusives

After selecting our favorite places to stay and eat, we sat down and made a list of all the other things that would save you time and make your stay more enjoyable. The result is “Special Things” and “Good To Know, Good To Go,” BestWeekend's Exclusives.

Special Things identifies unique, fun and romantic things for couples to do together in a particular destination. Good to Know is our list of the “best” of everything from breakfast to burgers, cocktails to after dinner fun and much, much more. Why stumble around trying to find the “best”….we’ve already done it for you!

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Don't Miss

  • A walk by the canal
  • Lunch beside the Delaware
  • Antiquing in Lambertville
  • An afternoon snack at Martine's
  • Cocktails at the Boathouse
  • Dinner at the Inn at Philips Mill.

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News and Resources

The New Hope and Lambertville Chambers of Commerce are good resources. The combined web sites of I love New Hope and I love Lambertville are also good places to visit.

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